Help Spread The Word About Inc.

Show your pride and place a link to Inc. on your website pages! Each month we will randomly draw a winner for FREE web hosting! Its easy to join in, easy to win and best of all, you are helping us spread the word about our services.


1. Simply put a similar link with our logo somewhere on your site and send us a link to view it.

The link should appear something like this but please don’t change the name of the logo file  because that’s what we search for when picking a winner:

Web Hosting by: Web Hosting

2. Send us an E-Mail, with your website address and let us know that you have joined in!

3. WIN FREE MONTHS OF HOSTING! Each month, all sites that are participating in our “Spread the Word” program are put into a random drawing and five winners are pulled. If you win, you will be notified by e-mail and your account will be automatically credited for one month of free hosting. This is our way of thanking you for helping us spread the word.

NOTE: There are NO maximum times you can win! Since winners are chosen at complete random, we recommend you permanently leave the link on your site – even if your name is chosen! We will include you in the monthly drawing for as long as our banner exists.

We Also Have a Great Referral Program:

If you refer a friend or colleague to us, we will credit your account for up to 3 months of free hosting for equal or similar packages! Simply have your friend or colleague sign-up for our services, and be sure to write your domain name in the comments box during sign up. YOU CAN EVEN REFER YOURSELF when signing up for an additional account! As a way of saying thank you to you for signing up with additional packages with Inc. – we can refer yourself and take advantage of the free months on your main account.

Note: The only small print on this referral program is, lets say you have a “Pro Package” and refer a new customer that signed up with a “Starter Package”. Because of the price difference we would have to adjust the free hosting by about one third. Contact us if you have any specific questions.