Transferring Your Website To Our Service

The transfer process is completely painless for a majority of our clients, however in some instances, our help might be required. If you need assistance in transferring your existing website or domain name, our skilled team of network technicians can assist you in transferring to Inc.. Be sure to check out our help documents and online demos for further assistance.

If your site is hosted with another provider…

(This process is very simple! We recommend you follow the following steps to ensure zero downtime.)

  1. Setup a new account with Inc..
  2. Upload all of your website files to the Inc. web servers. Test your site on the new server.
  3. Set up your email boxes on the new server through the control panel “Email Accounts” tool.
  4. Then simply update your name servers on your domain record (with whomever your registrar is) to point to Inc.‘s web servers. Your Welcome Letter would have the name servers for your site but you always contact our technical support staff for this information.
  5. If you have your domain registered with your existing hosting company, we can physically transfer the domain in – this is NOT necessary and is only personal preference.
  6. We normally suggest waiting 2-3 days to ensure a completely streamlined transfer.
  7. At this point, you can cancel your old web hosting service.
  8. Following the above easy steps will ensure a completely streamline transfer with ZERO downtime.

Need help transferring your website?

Our professional team can assist you in transferring your site files if you do not have someone “in-house” to do so. In many cases we’ll be happy to help for free but with more complex websites, normal hourly rates may apply.  The first step is to setup a new account with Inc..

Once you have ordered web hosting services, contact our team and let us know you would like for us to transfer your website files from your old provider.

We will need your existing web hosting account login information such as the FTP address, username and password.
If you have any questions about the transfer process, simply Contact Us and we will be happy to look into your specific situation and give advice as to the best way to handle this without any downtime.