Why do we recommend WordPress…

With WordPress, you get the benefits and ease of point and click website editing, along with access to thousands of FREE and inexpensive website templates. The website design is the most expensive component in any website if you have to hire a professional designer. However, with WordPress, you can do it yourself, any time, from any computer without having to download and install software. Edit your site while on vacation, at a cafe, or even from your iPhone or Android phone. You can also have several people working on the website at once. Talk about efficiency.

Personal and Professional WordPress Tutoring to Jump Start Your Website

Want to get started with WordPress quickly? We can provide a one-on-one tutorial provided by our professional WordPress staff. This two hour session will jump-start your experience and get you up and running in no time. You’ll learn all the basics of changing templates, adding pages, editing the text, headlines, links, and images on our site. We’ll even suggest some of the most popular plug-ins and show you how to install them.

TLCWebHosting.com Inc. Adds Great Service

From time to time, you may need a pointer or have a question. It may not even be related to the design of your site. For example, how to set up a new email address or add a second domain to your site. Our customer service and technical support staff are here to help 24/7. Most of our support requests are responded to in 60 minutes or less during the day.

Security is a major part of our focus. We provide daily, weekly and monthly backups of your website at no additional charge. Servers and emails are monitored for viruses and malware.

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