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Guides and Tutorials for Webmasters

The following guides and tutorials are designed to help you learn how to use different tools that will enhance your website. We have

  1. New Account Tutorials
  2. Email tutorials
  3. FTP, Publishing and Uploading your site
  4. Domain Names
  5. Advanced Users Tutorials


Web Hosting Industry Secrets

What some hosts don't tell you and how to buy hosting without getting scammed.

Getting Started with Your New Account

Your account had many options that can be confusing if you don't have some direction on where to start. This guide is a great place to start after you've signed up for an account.

The Most Basic Tutorial On Web Hosting

This is a non-technical tutorial on the 3 most basic elements every website must have and the three optional elements that website can have.

Server Directories

This guide will help you understand the purpose of the directories on your account.

Name Server Setup

If you are handling your own domain name registration, you will also need to provide your registrar with our Name Server information.

How to Clear Your Browser's Cache

Sometimes when updating and uploading your web site you find that the server is showing only the old files. The reason for this might have to do with your browser and not the server. Clearing your browser's cache sometimes can eliminate this headache.

How to Move Your Website to Our Hosting Company

Moving from one host to another doesn't have to include any downtime. This tutorial will help you avoid some common putfalls of moving your account to .

Securing Your Computer

We thing that your computer security is critical to life on the internet. Here's a quick tutorial on how to secure your computer.



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