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Search Engine Optimization & Web Site Marketing -
90-day Free Trial

Seach Engine Optimization and Marketing Has Never Been Easier! has enlisted submetnet.net to provide an incredible search engine marketing program to our clients. If you sign up NOW, we can include the program FREE for 3 MONTHS.

Submitnet, Inc. is a leading SEO Company that is committed to all sized businesses in building a successful web presence, by providing you with innovative marketing tools that insure search engine success. Submitnet.com's customer support representatives are ready to help you via email or phone. If you need support, please view our support page or call (503)914-5092.


Submitnet offers you:

  • Site improvement though our highest grade 12 analysis tools
  • Useful graphs that clearly display your position along with snapshot verification
  • Vital search engine tracking
  • Personalized site management console
  • Key monthly submission to top search engines
  • Custom submission to the web's top search engine
  • White papers on the latest optimization trends

  Benefits and Features

Benefit of signing up: Monthly submission to the top search engines and directories like Yahoo, maximizing your site's accessibility to your online customers worldwide.



  1. Monthly Submission
  2. Position Check Tool
  3. Keyword Analysis Tool
  4. Meta Tag Analysis Tool
  5. Meta Tag Generator Tool
  6. Engine Guidelines Tool
  7. PosiTrak Tool
  8. Competitor Analysis Tool

ALL FREE FOR 90-DAY. You can cancel in this period and pay nothing.


Includes 2 URLs
All programs allow you to submit up to 2 URLs and use our tools on each URL.

Additional URLs Allowed
Use up to 2 URLs to your account at no extra cost, and additional at a discounted price. Submission and tools may be run on all URLs.

Monthly Submission
We will submit your URL to the web's top search engines and directories within 72 hours of signup. Automated monthly resubmissions are included in every package.

Position Check Tool
Find your ranking quickly and easily! The Position Check tool tracks and records your search engine rankings with easy-to-use automated reports.

PosiTrak Tool
The most robust URL tracking tool for the search engine industry. PosiTrak will automatically track, record, and graph your monthly search engine ranking results.

Keyword Analysis Tool
Make sure your keywords are used effectively! The Keyword Analysis tool will help you learn how to strategically choose keywords for higher ranking results.

Meta Tag Analysis Tool
Need help using Meta Tags? The Meta Tag Analysis tool will help you ensure your meta tags are optimized for search engine placement.

Meta Tag Generator Tool
Need help using Meta Tags? The Meta Tag Generator creates custom meta tags to help increase your search engine acceptance.

Engine Guidelines Tool
Search engines all have suggested site guidelines. The Engine Guidelines tool will analyze your page for possible guideline violations.

Competitor Analysis Tool
With advanced proprietary software, the Competitor Analysis tool will check to see how your website measures up when compared to your competitors, just like a search engine would. In a detailed report, you will be shown what your competitors are doing right and wrong, and whether your site performs better or worse.

Unlimited Email Customer Support
Submitnet.com's customer support representatives are ready to help you via email or phone. If you need support, please view our support page or call (503)914-5092.


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  Quick-Submit Marketing Professional


The easiest, quickest way to get your sites into the top search engines.

Our top selling program. Great for those who want to learn more about how to optimize their site.

Perfect for those who want the ultimate in search engine optimization. 12 tools to optimize your site.

Includes 2 URLs

Additional URLs Allowed

Monthly Submission

Paid Search Discounts

Unlimited Email Support

Position Check Tool

PosiTrak Tool


Keyword Analysis Tool


Meta Tag Analysis Tool


Meta Tag Generator Tool


Engine Guidelines Tool


Competitor Analysis Tool


LinkTrak Tool



Keyword Spider Tool



Server Uptime Check Tool



HTML Analysis Tool



Load Time Analysis Tool



Browser Compatibility Tool



Link Check Tool



Cost for 3 Months




Price per Additional URL




Price per Additional Tool





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