Getting Your Website Online is Easy and Secure

We’re excited to get your account set up so that you can start building your website as soon as possible.

1) Choose a Domain Name that will be your unique address on the internet.

2) Select the Hosting Package that suits your needs the best.

3) Provide your contact and billing info.

Relax, we’ll take care of the rest and send your log in information once your domain is registered.

Hints and tips:

If this is your first time setting thing, don’t worry, the process is easy and we’ll provide some tips in this section to help you get the most out of our service.

Domain Name: Your domain name will be your own unique address on the internet. No two names can be the same. So, you might want to make sure your domain is available using our handy domain checking tool.You may request the domain name of your choice. Domain names can consist of lower-case alphanumeric characters, and the hyphen (-). Domain names must end in .com, .net, .info, .us, .ca or .org. We can register over 50 different types of domains for an additional charge but these are the most common. If you’re domain is already registered we’ll be happy to help you transfer the domain to our registrar and/or point the domain to our servers. Please pick carefully as domain registrations are not refundable.

Contact Information: Contact information is used for both the account and the domain registration. Unfortunately, by default all domain registrations are public information. However, for a few dollars we can include ID PROTECTION. See below for information.

Save Money! If you pay annually you’ll save up to $60/year. Doing so on our top three hosting package includes your domain name for FREE.

ID PROTECTION: By default all domain registration information is available to the public. With ID PROTECTION we’ll hide your contact information on the domain registration from public viewing by spammers and others.

500 MB Extra Disk Space: This is a one time offer on new orders to add a lot of disk space to your account at huge discount.

SSL CERTIFICATE: An SSL Certificate is a special key used to encrypt the connection between the people connecting to your site. This includes your connection to email. Google and other search engines favor this type of connection over non-encrypted sites. From a web designer’s standpoint, it’s easy to use because we take care of the technical side of ordering, configuring and installing it onto your account.

Please be sure to fill out all of the information as accurately as possible. Typically, support requests are responded to within 1 to 3 hours, during the a day and can take a little longer at night.