Refer a friend = Get Free Hosting!

Refer a few friends = Get MORE Free Hosting

Many clients have been kind enough to refer people to our services. This really means a lot to us because it shows your confidence in our service. We pay money each month to advertise and bring in new business. If you bring us the business, we’ll be happy to add referral credits to your account. This is then applied to future services on your account.

How much? That depends on the needs of the person you’re referring to us. If they sign up for a Starter package paid monthly, the amount will be a $15 referral credit. If they sign up for our Professional package paid annually, the amount will be a $60 referral credit.

Can I share the credits? Yes. If you want us to give the credits to your friend, rather than you, just let us know and we’ll be happy to do just that.

Can I refer more than one person? Yes. For each client you send our way, you will get referral credits. This is a great way to get your hosting for FREE.

Can I refer myself? Yes. We’re not going to penalize you for referring yourself. After all, your new account is just as good as a friend’s.