Carbon Credits

green-logo-largeGoing Green – Carbon Credits don’t go far enough!

Efficiently using and conserving resources is important to us and in many cases it is possible to do without little or no sacrifice. So, why not? We’re not out buying carbon credits, or promoting the taxing of air, but we are doing our part to preserve and respect the earth’s resources for future generations. At Inc. we think that it is better to avoid creating a carbon footprint in the first place, rather than buying “indulgences” to license irresponsible behavior. So we’ve taken several steps that reduce our carbon footprint right up front:

Paperless Billing

Since 2000, we’ve done all our billing on line via email. We never anticipated that it would be a marketing tool. We just felt it was more efficient. This has saved an estimated 120,000 sheets of paper, and 60,000 envelopes. It’s also prevented our staff from getting calluses on our tongues from licking 60,000 stamps.

Automatic power down of office equipment

Many non-critical pieces of office equipment (such as printers, lights, computer monitors) in our offices shut themselves off when not used for a period of time or after business hours in an effort to passively save energy.

Zero Fuel Consumption

We don’t commute, so we don’t pollute. By working remotely and using up-to-date collaborative tools, our customer service and support staff don’t have to commute to the office, thus keeping vehicles off the roads and reducing carbon emissions. This also enables us to hire top-quality personnel from around the world, regardless of geographic location. Currently, we have staff in both the U.S. and Canada.

Heat with Renewable Resources

Our office in northern Idaho uses a wood pellet stove for heating to lower the expense of a regular furnace. Wood pellets are made from waste material which used to be burned by local sawmills, but is now recycled into a clean, green source of fuel.