When allowed by your web host, an addon domain allows a new domain name to link to a subdirectory of your account. The addon domain’s files will be stored in a subdirectory of your public_html folder. Creating an addon domain gives you the ability to control multiple domains from a single account.

Create an Addon Domain

To add an addon domain:

• Enter the domain for the new addon domain into the New Domain Name field.

• Enter the main FTP username for the addon domain in the Subdomain/Ftp Username field.

• In the Document Root field, enter the directory that will contain the addon domain’s files.

• Enter the password for the addon domain into the Password field.

° Make sure you use a secure password.

° You can have cPanel generate a secure pasword for you using the Generate Password feature.

• Confirm the password in the Password (Again) field.

• Click Add Domain!

• To add files to the addon domain’s home directory, click the File Manager link.

° Note: You can also access this addon domain’s home directory in the File Manager by clicking the link under Document Root.

Enable or Disable Addon Domain Redirection

To disable or enable redirection of an addon domain:

• Click the Manage Redirection link corresponding to the addon domain you wish to manage.

• If you wish to redirect the domain, enter the link you would like to redirect the addon domain to in the available text field.

• Click Save.

° To disable the redirect, click Disable Redirection.

Remove an Addon Domain

To remove an existing addon domain:

• Click the Remove link corresponding to the addon domain you would like to remove.

• Confirm that you would like to remove the addon domain by clicking Yes.

• To keep the addon domain, click No.

Search Addon Domains

You may also search through existing domains:

• Enter the search criteria into the Search field.

• Click Go.

Results matching your search criteria will populate the list.